A Different Kind of Food Group

The food groups we are more familiar with typically consist of foods with similar nutritional values and agricultural origins.  Dairy, fruits, and vegetables are a few examples.

But I’ve been enjoying a different type of food group recently.

Late last year, I discovered the Kansas City Eats Facebook group.  A former law enforcement officer, Michael Spano, created the group back in 2011.  He created a forum where Kansas City foodies could discuss local restaurants, diners and drive-ins.  The group’s co-administrator is Mary Mura Wagner.


I was excited to discover this group because I eat out once a month with my dinner group.  And we are always looking for new places to try.  Everyday in the group, there are at least 8 -10 restaurant reviews, questions, requests and photos posted by members.  Members love food and love talking about it.  They are passionate to the point of argument…especially when it comes to barbeque!

When I joined , I observed and read for awhile before posting anything.  But I first posted a question.  And my next post was about a restaurant.  And pretty soon, I was commenting on other posts.  And even posted a few questions for debate.  Pretty soon, I started to connect with a few members.

Recently, someone posted a picture of a dish they’d cooked.  And several members didn’t feel that it was appropriate for the group since the focus is dining out.  So Mike created a second page, KC Food Lovers.  This group shares pictures and recipes.  And Mike decided to add me as a co-administrator for the group.


So, if you live in the Kansas City area, and you love to cook, check out the new group KC Food Lovers on Facebook.   And since I’m one of the admins, I’ll probably be the one to “approve” your request to join.

Also, if you are in the KC area, and you love to eat at local restaurants, feel free to join the Kansas City Eats group.  As of today, I’m also an admin there too.

Eat Well,


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