About He Who Cooks

He Who Cooks is, obviously, a food blog created by a guy who cooks.  But there’s more to the title.

For one, I want to get rid of the misconception guys don’t know how to cook.  There are lots of other guys, single and married, who cook.  And if they don’t know how, I’m here to provide some recipes and tips.

The other reason I chose He Who Cooks is because the phrase sounds like it might be leading to words of wisdom.  Wonderful quotes such as:

  • He who practices patience will never be deprived of success, even though it may take a long time to reach him.
  • He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

I have been blessed to receive wise words of wisdom and handy tips from some great chefs and cooking professionals.  My goal is to share delicious recipes and excellent tips with everyone who visits my blog.

While you are here, make sure you check out other sections of the blog:

  • He Who Bakes – Baking was my first love. My godparents, Samson and Loretha Butler, owned their own bakery.  I can still smell those cakes baking in the oven…and taste the buttercream icing.  Any recipes for the sweet part of life can be found in this section.
  • He Who Cooks – Savory recipes can be found here.  Spicy and some salty, too.
  • He Who Teaches – Any essential guides, tips and basic instructions can be found here.

Here’s where I am with food right now:

  • I want to enjoy good food that is good for me…high in nutritional content and low in sodium, fat and sugar.
  • I like taking traditional comfort food and creating lighter versions.
  • I look for locally sourced ingredients, especially produce.
  • I need recipes ranging from enough for myself with leftovers to cooking for a crowd.

All prepared and presented by He (me) who just happens to love to cook.


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  1. What a lovely and informative website. I had the honor of coordinating meals with Carlton when he was a chef at the Longview Farms meeting center. Too this day I remember the creative manner in which he:
    • worked with clients to design the perfect meal for their occasions
    • prepared and presented the food
    • related to the guests at the occasion.
    I cannot wait to learn more about his “secrets” and know that visitors to this site are in for a real treat.

    1. Chuck, thank you so much for the compliment. You have been such an inspiration to me. Your advice and guidance are invaluable.

  2. Food? Man, we can talk food. How do you feel about roasted (peeled) Poblanos stuffed with cubed dark chicken rolled in a mixture of diced tomatoes and home made Red Hatch Chili Sauce topped with goat cheese and broiled for 5 min.
    Just curious?

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